Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GS Q2 2009

--Net Revenue $13.76 bil, v.s. $9.4 bil in Q2 2008 and $9.4 in Q1 2009 --Net Income was $3.44 bil, v.s. 1.66 bil in Q2 2008 and $2.05 bil in Q1 2009 --The major drivers are trading and principal investments business. Compared to Q1 2009, fixed income (FICC) trading continued to hold up well, contributing $6.8 bil of revenue v.s. $6.6 bil inQ2 2009. Investmentin ICBC contributed $950 mil v.s -151 mil in Q1 2009. Improvement in capital market conditions help contributed more revenues in equity trading and underwriting as well. --The company wrote off $700 million from commercial mortgage loans. By the end of Q1 2009, the company's exposure to commercial mortgage loans is 8.76 bil.

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