Saturday, January 31, 2009

GDP Q4 2008

--QoQ GDP droped 3.8%, back to back drop but better than expected. --Private Inventories positively contributed 1.32% to GDP, indicating the pile-up of US companies and further cutback in future manfuacturing sector. --Gross private fixed investment dropped 12.3%, where th spending in equipment and software item registered the worst number, 27.8%, in the past 50 years, indicating the futher weakness in technology sector. --Weakness in consumer spending is expected to persist, following a 3.5% drop in the fourth quarter and a 3.8% decline in the previous quarter -- the worst back-to-back drops in more than 50 years, suggesting the further weakness in consumer sector. --contribution to GDP a.personal consumption -2.47% b.prviate investment -1.80% exports 0.09% d.government spending 0.38%

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