Sunday, August 10, 2008

Inspried by child tormentors, Michael Phelps Won 400 Individual Medal

Phelps won 2008 Gold Medal in 400 I.M. He took a lead over Lochte and Cszer in the second half, winning going away in 4 minutes 3.84 seconds. Phelps swam 1.41 seconds faster than his world-record time at the United States Olympic trials in July.

Looking back on this childhood, Phelps felt movtivated by his tormentors. They made fun of him and water is sanctury for him to escape their torments.

It is a thin line between vindication and vindictiveness, but somehow Phelps manages to stay on the positive side of it. “Most people can get sidetracked by things like that,” Bowman said. “Instead of using it to improve what they’re doing, it takes away from what they’re doing.”

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