Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Intel lower its forecast in 2008

Sales growth, reflecting macro environment --Intel, the world's largest computer-chip maker, droppedthe most in five years in Nasdaq Stock Market trading aftersaying first-quarter sales will be as much as 6.9 percent below analysts' estimates. --Q1 sales will rise to 9.4 bil, below 10.1 bil estimate --Intel's first-quarter forecast points to a 10% decline in revenue compared with the fourth period, where revenue typically falls 7% to 9% because of seasonal factors. "It certainly doesn't give us a good feeling that it would be better-than-normal seasonality," he said. Gross Profit Margin, reflecting company performance --For the year, the company put the percentage at 57%, plus or minus a few percentage points, dashing any hope that it would soon return to historic peaks of greater than 60%. NI --The company reported net income of $2.27 billion, or 38 cents a share, for the quarter, compared with $1.5 billion, or 26 cents a share, a year earlier.

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